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Our Civil Engineering Capabilities

Our team of professionals has experience working on some of the highest profile projects around the world.  The clients that they have successfully partnered with have come from both private and government sectors. These projects have ranged from small to large, spanning around the world.
One thing we’ve consistently delivered on all our varied projects is a safe, cost-effective outcome. As experts in all facets of civil engineering with over 40 years of combined experience and a strong focus on both commercial and infrastructure projects containing:


We are able to undertake any size earthworks project because our people have worked on projects of all sizes. Whether it be detailed excavation for a residential home project or moving hundreds of thousands of cubic metres on a major infrastructure project, our people have delivered it.


Brena Group is well versed in deep excavations and the shoring systems required to allow them to happen. There are a variety of shoring systems available, each with varying benefits depending on the sites requirements and we are familiar with all of them.

Stormwater Drainage

We a proficient in the installation of stormwater pipes and have experience in placing pipes up to 2.4m in diameter. We have regularly worked with the commonly used Reinforced concrete pipe but have also worked with fibre reinforced and PVC piping too.

Services Isolation, Diversion and Reinstatement

A common theme on working in Sydney is that whenever you break ground, there is a service nearby. Thanks to our years of experience, we have isolated, diverted and reinstated every type of service you will find.

Concrete and Steel Structures

Not content with constructing just in the ground, we are able to construct complex concrete and steel structures. Our people have worked on projects ranging for pad footings and portal sheds to residential and commercial high rise and international stadiums.


We are able to undertake and deliver significant demolition projects in their own right. This demolition capability allows Brena Group to offer a turnkey service to clients that require demolition and civil/remediation works in one contract.

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