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Our Site Remediation Capabilities

On every project we undertake, the team at Brena Group considers a range of factors to ensure success. These issues include past, present, and future use, and the environmental condition of the site to name just a few. We always aim to minimise waste and recycle wherever possible. This holistic view ensures that we tailor our work to the custom requirements of your project. We are experienced in working with asbestos, lead, and hydrocarbons to name just a few contaminants that we have dealt with.

We employ a range of methods to remediate your site. See below for some of the more commonly used treatments.

Asbestos Management

Maintaining a NSW asbestos removal licence with extensive experience, we implement best practice environmental and WHS monitoring.

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Brena Group is proficient in creating capping layers and marking layers. This construction method forms a carefully engineered barrier between contaminated waste and the surrounding environment. Our work has been successfully undertaken for clients including landfill sites, construction projects and major infrastructure.

Containment Cells

If your project deals with contaminated soil, then an on-site containment cell is the economical and environmental choice. When utilising containment cells, we’re committed to containing contaminants in carefully sealed and reliably constructed cells.

Cut Off Walls

Installation of vertical cut off walls provides impermeable barriers to off-site migration of contaminants.

Our team has extensive experience in the installation of a vast range of cut off walls, including but not limited to secant piles, geosynthetic, sheet piles (both steel and vinyl) and clay lined barriers.


With a demolition license for NSW, we are able to undertake significant demolition projects in their own right. This demolition capability and experience allows Brena Group to offer a turnkey service to clients that require demolition and civil/remediation works in one contract.

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